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#FlashbackFriday: TIDAL’s Social Media Sips Some #Lemonade

Published by Engagement Labs April 29, 2016

Welcome to Engagement Labs’ #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday blog series where we will look back at industry movers and shakers. Using our eValue Analytics tool we will show how different brands have leveraged social media, successfully or unsuccessfully, to create engagement among fans.

For our first post, we look at the phenomenon that is Beyoncé’s #Lemonade...

The release of her latest album #Lemonade solely on her (potentially unfaithful) husband’s streaming service, TIDAL, ‘Queen Bey’ skyrocketed the app’s subscriber numbers within mere hours.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how the album that has everyone speculating, impacted the streaming service’s social channels.

Facebook Fans Already Had Their Fill of Lemonade

Engagement Labs | Facebook Scores for Beyonce's Lemonade

Despite being blessed by ‘Bey’ with a new album, TIDAL’s Facebook channel didn’t see a huge impact to their social media performance.

The channel was already scoring well prior to the release date, with an eValue score of 85.95 the day before. The channel's score successfully rose to 94.02 the second day after the release of the album.  

Fans translated their anticipation into online activity, driving up the channel’s Engagement scores and resulting in 10,900 likes for the post announcing the album’s availability.

Unfortunately, it looks like the streaming service is losing momentum as the release date becomes a thing of the past, with the eValue score dropping slightly in recent days.

With fans still discussing all things Beyoncé, Jay-Z and “Becky with the good hair”, TIDAL should continue pushing content related to the album, such as clips, snippets or stills from the visual album to make the most of the buzz.

Twitter Fans Get in Formation

Engagement Labs | Beyonce fans social discussion on Twitter

TIDAL’s Twitter channel may have had 99 problems, but Beyonce’s #Lemonade was not one of them, as the channel’s eValue score jumped with the new album release.

The day before the release the channels eValue score was 57.55, but following the release the channel’s eValue score dramatically rose to 77.96.

Providing the download links for the album on Twitter, TIDAL generated thousands of likes on their #Lemonade-related posts, translating the fandom’s enthusiasm into downloads.

Similar to Facebook though, the channel seems to be losing steam as the eValue score slowly dips as the week progresses. 

TIDAL needs to continue promoting the album and offering teaser content to encourage more interactions and ultimately drive sales.

The Last Sip

While TIDAL’s social media success can easily be chalked up to the power of Queen Bey and her ‘Bey Hive’ of fans, it’s actually much more than that.

Highly-anticipated events such as the #Lemonade album release can have a major impact on online conversations. Using teaser content and providing purchase links can maintain online momentum.

You may not have something as popular as Beyoncé’s latest album in the pipeline, but making the most of an exciting upcoming event will ensure fans keep coming back to drink up what you’re offering.

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