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How Data Helped Us Understand the Complex Millennial Mindset

Published by Engagement Labs August 23, 2016

We love data. It’s pretty much always at the center of everything we do here at Engagement Labs.

So when we were approached by Spacefy to help them launch their SpaceRep program, we had to turn to our always reliable bud - data!

Sidenote: Since context is important, if you have no idea what a SpaceRep is, read this blog post, or check out the video below, and then make your way back to us.

All caught up? Great - now let us explain how we used data to launch the SpaceRep program!

The Ask

We knew one thing kicking-off: Spacefy was on the hunt for millennials looking to make some cash on their own terms.

Considering today’s job market, we didn’t expect there would be a shortage of their target group, but it was a matter of convincing these millennials that the SpaceRep path was the way to go.

How would we do that? By understanding the millennial approach to employment.

Employing a data-centric approach, we picked the millennial brain to understand the current job search landscape and find out what Gen-Y was really seeking in a career.

The Insights

What did we discover when we put on our data detective hats?

  • Millennials are not the biggest fans of the 9 to 5 corporate professional world (shocker!)
  • Millennials are always looking for alternative money-making ways
  • Millennials want to work for themselves and on their own terms

Compiling all these insights together, a clearer picture emerged of what’s running through the minds of these social butterflies as they search for jobs.

The Idea

With a better understanding of the minefield that is the millennial job hunt, it was time to launch the SpaceRep program as the leading alternative to earning extra moula.

After sessions of brainstorming, what took off from the data was a three-pronged campaign with a goal of convincing these young whipper-snappers that this was the program that truly understood their mindset.

What was our campaign, you ask? Drumroll please….

Step 1: Capture Their Attention With Video Content

Appealing to the visual nature of millennials and the decreasing attention span of Internet audiences everywhere, our first step was to launch a series of videos that would reel them in.

We went for bold, abrasive and in your face, you might say.

Embodying the spirit of the targeted audience, the videos related to millennials by pointing out (subtly, of course) how much the 9 to 5 corporate world sucks and how simple it is to make money as a SpaceRep.

I mean who doesn’t like hearing about making easy money, while watching annoying office equipment destroyed mercilessly.

Step 2: Speak to Them Through the Blogosphere

While the videos got the main point across, we still needed to get down to the nitty-gritty of becoming a SpaceRep - details like how are we getting paid, do I have to do anything embarrassing, etc.

So rather than stuffing the videos with information overload, we took the blogosphere path.

Enagagement Labs and Sapcefy team up for Millennial insights

Using another medium that millennials adore, we maintained the personalized and informal feel that the generation appreciates, all while still delivering the details they needed.

Just like Spacefy is simplifying the money-making process, the blog posts simplify the process of becoming a SpaceRep with easy-to-read, quickly digestible content.

Step 3: Use Social to be More Social

The final step in our SpaceRep launch came in the form of amplification - sharing our content with social communities that can’t be reached by organic content.

Our data shows that social media is key for millennials to validate their status, achievements and feelings.

After all, if posting your lunch or a selfie can get you hundreds of likes, imagine what posting about earning fast money on your own can achieve.

Engagement Labs |  Use Social to be More Social

Knowing that social status fuels this tech-savvy generation, we dug deep into the trenches of social media and the world wide web to find those hidden communities that we could expose to our content for the greatest engagement.

Once we found them, we posted, spoke to and engaged with the hidden millennials in these communities so that we could spread the word and draw job-seekers in from far and wide.

Cheers to the Flippin’ Data

We’ve been known to use data to uncover the core human insights for brands and it was no different for the SpaceRep launch.

Too many times we’ve seen brands blindly go after certain audiences and all it results in is a massive facepalm. Don’t be that brand.

If you want to hit that marketing bullseye, come in guns blazing, armed and ready with real insights into your audiences. Data led us from point A to point B during the SpaceRep launch, helping to simplify each step of the process.

Brands, it’s time to embrace that data. Take a page out of our book and make it your new best friend, because trust us when we say, it’ll be the best friend you’ll have in this cruel, crazy marketing world.

P.S. If the SpaceRep program spoke to you, CLICK HERE to become a SpaceRep today. Like we said, it is an easy way to make that extra cash….

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