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Kitchen-Table Conversations Less Negative for Both Parties

Published by Brad Fay October 25, 2018

Republicans and Trump at Least Negative Levels in a Year

Democrats had a 10-point advantage over Republicans in the national conversation as the impact of[…]

Kavanaugh Victory Spurs Strong Shift in Conversation Toward Republicans

Published by Brad Fay October 19, 2018

“Sentiment Gap” Narrows to Smallest Level in a Year

In the wake of the Senate’s confirmation of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh on October 6 and a[…]

Last Week of Supreme Court Battle Drives Kitchen-Table Conversations

Published by Brad Fay October 11, 2018

“Sentiment Gap” Returns to More Typical Level, with Democrats at a 15-point Advantage

The second week of drama related to the nomination of Brett[…]

Engagement Labs Finds Consumers Living in a “Political Brand Bubble”

Published by Engagement Labs October 11, 2018

New #PoliticalBrandBubble Quiz Reveals that Recommended Brands Often Predict Political Allegiances

Take the quiz here: […]

Engagement Labs’ Partnership with Kantar: Building Long-term Brand Value with Consumer Conversation

Published by Ed Keller October 09, 2018

For the last several years, we at Engagement Labs have received a lot of attention in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications,[…]

Supreme Court Fight Shifts Conversation in Democrats’ Favor

Published by Brad Fay October 04, 2018

“Sentiment Gap” Opens Up Between Red and Blue Members of Congress

Kitchen-table conversations about politics shifted in the Democrats’ favor during a week[…]

Supreme Court Fight Has Become a Bigger Driver of Negative Conversations about Republicans in Congress

Published by Brad Fay September 20, 2018

All Political Conversations Strongly Negative Toward the Parties, Trump

Kitchen-table conversations about President Trump and Republicans in Congress[…]

Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign Turns Both Online and Offline Conversations Negative

Published by Brad Fay September 14, 2018

But Nike Should Benefit from Higher Brand Engagement

Was Nike terrible, arrogant, or brilliant to launch a new “Just Do It” campaign featuring the[…]

Big Week in Politics Keeps National Dialog on President Trump’s Performance, Immigration, Russia

Published by Brad Fay September 14, 2018

Upcoming Election Is Increasing Focus of Kitchen Table Conversations

A dramatic week in the news had less impact that one might have expected on[…]

What Kitchen Table Conversations Reveal about the 2018 Midterms

Published by Brad Fay September 06, 2018

A Very Negative Environment for GOP House Candidates, with Focus on Corruption & Russia

In normal times, Labor Day is the traditional start of general[…]