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UK Influencers: Younger Have Social Reach, but Wise Heads Carry Weight in Some Categories

Published by Steve Thomson September 15, 2017

Our recent post on the profile of (offline) influencers in the US noted the increasing importance of male Millennials, often in categories long dominated[…]

4 Ways to Crush Negative Sentiment and Drive Positive Social Influence

Published by Engagement Labs September 14, 2017

As one of the four key drivers of consumer conversation performance, sentiment is a powerful marketing lever for brands to pull. But a common myth is that[…]

The Brand Marketer’s Secret to Social Influence: Talkability

Published by Engagement Labs August 15, 2017

They’re three very different brands, but Apple, USAA and General Mills have a few things in common. Most recently, we identified them as “Movers and[…]

UK Social Momentum is Not Limited to Hip or Tech Brands

Published by Steve Thomson August 04, 2017

UK ‘Moves and Shakers’ feature brands of all typesWhich brands can truly claim to be the talk of the town, those hot properties that seem to be attracting[…]

3 Tips for Driving More Sales with Influencer Marketing

Published by Engagement Labs August 03, 2017

Have we gotten to the point where “influencer marketing” has become interchangeable with “social media marketing?” The emerging myth marketers now seem to[…]

More Than a Trigger: How Cheerios Used Bees to Increase Consumer Buzz

Published by Engagement Labs July 22, 2017

Brands have numerous strategies at their disposal to spark consumer conversations. Sometimes, it’s a new or sexy product. Other times, it’s a trigger -[…]

Proof that Consumer Conversations Matter: They Predict Sales

Published by Engagement Labs July 17, 2017

Many marketers assume the conversations consumers have in real life and on social media have an impact on sales. But how big is that impact? And, do these[…]

OTAs Soar Past Hotels and Airlines in Driving Offline Word-of-Mouth

Published by Engagement Labs July 11, 2017

As online travel agencies (OTAs) have become the go-to resource for vacationers, they are both partners of and competitors with hotels and airlines. But[…]

Consumers Like to Talk Offline About Big Box Retailers

Published by Engagement Labs July 10, 2017

The clash between big box retailers and e-commerce titans is well underway, and some industry experts aren’t optimistic about the outcome for[…]

5 Myths About Social Influence – and 5 Realities You Need to Know

Published by Engagement Labs June 27, 2017

Over the last decade, marketers have been lured by the promise of what social media reveals about how consumers talk about their brands. While social[…]