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United Airline's Social Influence Problems Stretch Well Beyond Leggings

Published by Engagement Labs March 29, 2017

Over the weekend, a Tweetstorm erupted when United Airlines barred two teens from entering a flight because their leggings did not meet the airline’s[…]

TotalSocial™ v2.0: It’s All About Driving Sales

Published by Ed Keller March 27, 2017

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career focused almost entirely on the proposition that people make purchase decisions because of the way they are[…]

'Getting Real' About Social at the UK MRS Social Media Research Summit

Published by Steve Thomson March 17, 2017

At the recent Social Media Research Summit, hosted by the UK Market Research Society, one of the underlying themes of the day was integration. […]

Warc on the Rise of ‘Dark Social’ and Chat Apps, and What It Means for Marketers

Published by Steve Thomson March 02, 2017

In a recent report, Warc discusses the implications of the growth of chat or messenger apps such as Whatsapp, posing the question: “For brands looking to[…]

Are Americans Losing Their Interest in Football?

Published by Engagement Labs February 01, 2017

Sports marketers are well aware that the NFL suffered a large viewership decline during the 2016 season.

What the Trump Victory Can Teach Brand Marketers

Published by Brad Fay January 18, 2017

By all accounts, the surprising election of Donald Trump as president was due in part to a social media juggernaut, driven by Trump’s skillful use of[…]

The Most Social Shows on TV: The First TotalSocial Perspective

Published by Engagement Labs January 13, 2017

In an age of snaps, tweets, posts, likes, texts and chats, the influence of friends, family and co-workers on what you watch on TV remains even more[…]

Corona: A Social Misfit Who is the Life of the IRL Party

Published by Engagement Labs December 13, 2016

The beer category is known for having great online sharing. So why is Corona a Social Misfit?

Surprise Trump Win Is a Warning for Marketers to Beware of Conversations They Don’t See

Published by Engagement Labs December 01, 2016

Political operatives aren't the only ones trying to learn the lessons of Donald Trump's victory. Marketers are also assessing whether they, too, may be[…]

Chipotle Struggles to Regain Consumer Favor

Published by Engagement Labs November 16, 2016

It’s been a year since Chipotle’s E.coli crisis, and the brand continues to be talked about negatively by consumers.