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The Social Media Awards Season: Which Awards Show Won Online?

Published by Engagement Labs March 03, 2016

Glitz, glamor and glory can only mean one thing - awards season. Starting with the Golden Globes in January all the way to the Oscars this past week,[…]

The Big Win: News UK & Keller Fay Group Sweep the Media Research Awards 2016

Published by Engagement Labs February 22, 2016

Bust out the confetti and pop some champagne bottles because we’ve got some exciting news to share...

Social Sharing in B2B: Understanding the Cycle of Influence

Published by Engagement Labs February 18, 2016

We're hosting a webinar! And we want to see you there: REGISTER HERE 

The Real MVPs: The Athletic Brands of NBA All-Star Weekend 2016

Published by Engagement Labs February 18, 2016

That’s a wrap, folks. After months of preparation, excitement and build-up, NBA’s All-Star Weekend 2016 came to a close this past weekend in Toronto - or[…]

The Social Touchdown: The Winning Advertisers of Super Bowl 50

Published by Engagement Labs February 10, 2016

It’s the television event of the year - the Super Bowl. The Big Game draws in millions of eyes from all around the world and never fails to be a bonanza[…]

Breaking Social News: How Digital & Print News Outlets Make Headlines on Social Media

Published by Engagement Labs February 05, 2016

Where are you getting your news nowadays? The newspaper? Local news at 6 PM? What about social media? According to a recent study published by Pew[…]

Automobile and Millennials: How Teenagers are Shifting Gears on Daily Conversations About Cars

Published by Engagement Labs February 01, 2016

The age of 16 has always been considered a huge milestone - a rite of passage, one might say. You nervously step into the DMV, shade in those multiple[…]