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4 Revealing Insights from PepsiCo on Impact of Conversations on Building Brands

Published by Engagement Labs August 11, 2020

How do consumer conversations affect your brand?

The following is an excerpt of a conversation with PepsiCo's Kevin Moeller and Engagement Labs' CEO Ed[…]

Armchair Nation: Consumer Conversation Trends Give New Meaning to “Must See TV,” as Home Entertainment Becomes a Necessity of Life

Published by Engagement Labs July 23, 2020

Biggest Winners are Netflix, Amazon, CNN;MLB Stumbles Amid Rising Demand for Live Sports

Conversations are not just buzz. They are predictive of consumer[…]

Pandemic Era Makes “Spring Cleaning” and Household Brands Worthy of Conversation

Published by Engagement Labs July 09, 2020

Beauty and Personal Care Brands Nivea & Colgate Thrive, As Do Household Cleaning Brands Tide and Gain, and Beverage Brands Keurig and Jack Daniel's

NFL and NASCAR Earning Offline Applause by Reversing Racial Justice Policies, Even as Social Media Goes Negative

Published by Engagement Labs June 23, 2020

Changed Environment Fuels Volatility in Consumer Conversations for Many Brands

Biden Enjoys a Strong Word of Mouth Advantage in Swing States, Even as It Fades Back Nationally

Published by Engagement Labs June 23, 2020

Word of Mouth Among Women Strongly Favors Biden, Among Men it Favors Trump

Pandemic Puts Streaming Media at Center of American Conversation

Published by Engagement Labs May 22, 2020

The streaming media business is expanding with the arrivals of HBO Max later this month and Peacock in July. Disney+ may well get another jolt of energy[…]

Holiday Plans & Travel Industry Decisions Weigh on UK Consumers’ Minds

Published by Engagement Labs May 11, 2020

Covid-19 has transformed how we live, but it has not fully changed our mindset as consumers. This week’s blog focuses on what UK consumers talked about[…]

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