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In Today’s Hyper Changing Consumer Climate, the Differences Between Men and Women’s Discussions in the UK are Very Much Coming to the Fore

Published by Engagement Labs May 04, 2020

For this week’s blog, we decided to explore some of the interesting differences between women and men’s discussions during these tumultuous times.

UK consumers voice and video calls are taking place of in-person conversations about brands

Published by Engagement Labs April 26, 2020

Welcome to week 6 of Engagement Labs weekly tracking of Coronavirus and its impact on UK consumer conversation. In the week 5 update, we saw more[…]

Happiness is starting to colour UK’s most impactful conversations as consumers find joy in family and loved ones; less talk of issues

Published by Engagement Labs April 20, 2020

In this weekly update, we see important shifts in the UK’s consumer conversation, which are often a predictor of future behavioural shifts. There is[…]

Sports Suspended, but Fans Talking Smack

Published by Engagement Labs April 20, 2020

Conversations About NBA Are Up the Most—Also, NFL, MLS, MLB, and Video Games

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a saying that goes back several[…]

Walmart Is Talk of Our Towns During Pandemic

Published by Engagement Labs April 13, 2020

Retail analysis reveals declining sentiment about Walmart, increasing praise for Target and Home Depot

Sentiment gains tied to advertising,[…]

To Communicate or Not to Communicate? Changing Marcoms Landscape in a Time of Coronavirus

Published by Engagement Labs April 06, 2020

Advertising/PR Drives Enhanced Sentiment, Study Shows

Consumer conversations about brands are changing dramatically as Americans hunker down in their[…]

As “New Normal” Settles In, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Joins Evolving Topics in UK Conversations During Coronavirus Crisis

Published by Engagement Labs April 03, 2020

With more folks staying indoors and social distancing measures implemented, our latest Coronavirus data report shows that consumers’ conversations in[…]

Coronavirus Update: American Conversations Sweeping Changes This Week in Topics and Brands, As Coronavirus Becomes Personal

Published by Engagement Labs March 27, 2020

Last week we shared our US coronavirus consumer conversation data series, with some eye popping results. This week the data are even more stark with[…]

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