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As “New Normal” Settles In, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Joins Evolving Topics in UK Conversations During Coronavirus Crisis

Published by Engagement Labs April 03, 2020

With more folks staying indoors and social distancing measures implemented, our latest Coronavirus data report shows that consumers’ conversations in[…]

Coronavirus Update: American Conversations Sweeping Changes This Week in Topics and Brands, As Coronavirus Becomes Personal

Published by Engagement Labs March 27, 2020

Last week we shared our US coronavirus consumer conversation data series, with some eye popping results. This week the data are even more stark with[…]

Coronavirus: Changing the Landscape of Consumer Conversations in the US

Published by Engagement Labs March 23, 2020

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic causing widespread anxiety and disruption, we are monitoring its impact on the national conversation in the US[…]

Coronavirus: One third of UK consumers talking daily about health issues; dynamics of brand talk changing fast

Published by Engagement Labs March 17, 2020

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic causing widespread anxiety and disruption, the impact in consumer conversations in the UK has begun with fully […]

Super Bowl 2020: The Winners in Driving Buzz (And They Aren’t the Winners of the USA Today Ad Meter)

Published by Engagement Labs February 13, 2020

A month ago, we declared in Marketing Dive, that USA Today's Ad Meter — the most widely used indicator of advertising success in the big game —[…]

Word-of-Mouth Predicted the “Sanders Sudden Surge” Uncovered in Weekend Polls

Published by Engagement Labs January 27, 2020

Word-of-Mouth Also Predicts Bloomberg's Emergence as The Key Moderate Competitor to Biden

Multiple polls released over the last 24 hours showed a[…]

Word-of-Mouth Predicted Bloomberg’s Rise in Polls

Published by Engagement Labs January 08, 2020

Two new polls from Morning Consult and Harvard Harris have Michael Bloomberg statistically tied with Pete Buttigieg for fourth place in the fight for[…]

A New Year’s Resolution for Better and More Authentic Influencer Marketing

Published by Ed Keller January 02, 2020

Just before Christmas, marketing guru Seth Godin took aim at the “scam” of influencer marketing via Instagram and other social media platforms in a[…]

Holiday Shopping Conversations Favor Big Mass Merchants Over Specialty Stores

Published by Engagement Labs December 23, 2019

BJ’s, Lush, Reebok, and Wayfair Are Key New Players in Holiday Season Talk

Walmart and Amazon continue to dominate the holiday season conversations[…]

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