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Published by Engagement Labs May 31, 2018

Amazon’s impact on the retail industry is undeniable. It’s a formidable competitor in every retail category, and the one that every retail marketer[…]

“DO US A FLAVOR” Lay's Creates Offline Buzz

Published by Engagement Labs April 17, 2018

One of the brands thoroughly analyzed in Engagement Labs’ recent landmark study is Lays’ chips. Weekly data for online and offline word-of-mouth were[…]

How Dove Earned—and Kept—Conversation Commander Status

Published by Engagement Labs March 22, 2018

Dove keeps achieving online success with marketing that goes beyond product featuresand benefits, such as its “Real Beauty,” “My Beauty My Say,” and[…]

Clinique: The UK's Most Loved Brand

Published by Steve Thomson February 26, 2018

UK sentiment rankings illustrate the challenge to get strong advocacy both online and offline – but Clinique achieves it

Listen: Here’s Why Brand Conversations Matter to Marketers

Published by Engagement Labs February 05, 2018

Brad Fay, Chief Commercial Officer of Engagement Labs, recently spoke to the hosts of “Marketing Matters,” Americus Reed and Barbara Kahn, about[…]

Ads as Cultural Currency: The Anatomy of Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” Campaign

Published by Engagement Labs January 16, 2018

At the tail end of a particularly social season, the New York Times posed a question that marketing professionals puzzle over every day of the year:

UK Christmas Winners and Losers: How Did Social Contribute?

Published by Steve Thomson January 16, 2018

January brings the UK cold weather, flu, and intense focus on which retailers ‘won’ and ‘lost’ in terms of Christmas trading.

Why Competitive Intelligence Pros Need Consumer Conversation Analytics

Published by Engagement Labs January 04, 2018

Competitive intelligence professionals collect and analyze scores of data points about their competitors – from sales revenues to product details. But[…]

LG’s Momentum and Kindle’s Surprising Enduring Qualities in UK: A Tech/Electronics TotalSocial Ranking

Published by Steve Thomson December 03, 2017

Our recent press release highlighted our latest TotalSocial® ranking of the top-performing U.S. brands in the tech/electronics category. On that side[…]

How to Avoid a House of Cards: Focus on Everyday Influencers

Published by Engagement Labs November 21, 2017

Here we go again. Another celebrity scandal, another marketing sponsorship turned into a house of cards. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal,[…]

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