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LUSH Ranked #1 Atop TotalSocial® Top 10 UK Beauty Brands, Despite Its Recent Exit from Social Media

Published by Engagement Labs July 08, 2019

Every year Engagement Labs releases TotalSocial® rankings of the top brands in the U.S., by category, based on consumer conversations that happen both[…]

The social side of brick-and-mortar retail

Published by Engagement Labs June 27, 2019

Tips for brands that want to boost their shareability on social media

Originally published in Quirk's June/July 2019 issue: […]

Consumer Conversations Stay Positive as Brands Embrace Pride Month

Published by Engagement Labs June 21, 2019

Lately, we’ve been reporting numerous instances of brands being drawn into political controversies and experiencing nasty blow-ups in social media,[…]

The Right Way to Buy Word-of-Mouth

Published by Engagement Labs June 11, 2019

The notion of “buying” word-of mouth through online influencers has gotten a bad name lately, given concerns about the reliability of information[…]

A Year Later, Dick’s Looks Smart for Ignoring the False Signal of Social Media

Published by Engagement Labs May 30, 2019

Dick’s Sporting Goods this week announced positive first quarter results, beating analyst estimates by 4 cents a share, and raising the company’s full[…]

Game of Thrones Wins Word-of-Mouth War

Published by Engagement Labs May 23, 2019

Most Talked about TV Show in 12 Years

Two of the great entertainment franchises—the Avengers and Game of Thrones—went head-to-head this Spring, and[…]

How Victoria’s Secret Lost Consumer Influencers

Published by Engagement Labs May 16, 2019

Victoria’s Secret this month announced the end of its annual televised fashion show that has run for nearly two decades, accepting a negative public[…]

Poland Spring Gets A Taste of Negativity, Online & Offline

Published by Engagement Labs May 10, 2019

For the first time, consumer conversations about Poland Spring brand water are turning sharply negative online and offline simultaneously, in response to[…]


Published by Engagement Labs May 02, 2019

Marvel’s “Endgame” drives 50% more Buzz than Game of Thrones

Iron Man deserves the Iron Throne.

Dwyane Wade Scores Big for Budweiser, Driving Positive Social Media Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs April 25, 2019

Basketball great Dwyane Wade finished his NBA career this month having scored 23,165 points and made 5,701 assists during a 16-year career.  One of his[…]