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Put Predictive Social Analytics to Work and Boost Sales with TotalSocial® Predict

Published by Ed Keller June 20, 2017

One of the most challenging problems for marketers is the ability to identify the precise conversational forces, offline and online, that will best drive their brand’s performance. It’s especially difficult because online and offline conversation performance are largely unrelated and work independently of each other, as we found in our recently published research.

But this becomes even more complicated when you realize that every brand has its own unique “word-of-mouth and social DNA.” Even brands that compete for customers in the same category need to rely on different marketing strategies to drive sales. The challenge for marketers is understanding not only what the unique conversation drivers are for their brand, but also what strategies and tactics have the greatest impact.

To drive sales and maximize marketing ROI, brands need to monitor and measure both types of conversation. Our TotalSocial® solution provides marketers with the ability to continuously measure the most important drivers of brand performance with respect to social media and word of mouth.

But today, we’re taking things a (big) step further with the launch of TotalSocial Predict. We’ve spent nine months researching and developing this powerful new solution, and it is a significant breakthrough. With it, marketers will now be able identify the precise social influence metrics that matter most to drive sales and other key performance indicators, such as driving in-store or online traffic.

By integrating advanced predictive analytics into our TotalSocial solution, we can help brands pinpoint exactly how much each metric—the volume of conversations, sentiment, content sharing and influencer engagement—drives sales and other key performance indicators.

What’s more, TotalSocial Predict provides marketers with guidance on priorities for improving performance, as well as a simulator that demonstrates how much performance improvement on each of the individual metrics will lead to enhanced sales.

If you’d like to learn more about TotalSocial Predict and how to identify the most valuable opportunities for your brand, sign-up for a briefing. 

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