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Social Sharing in B2B: Understanding the Cycle of Influence

Published by Engagement Labs February 18, 2016

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Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs Company, has partnered with Cognito Insights - Cognito’s new practice area dedicated to impactful analytics and actionable intelligence - to bring you a two-part webinar series on social sharing in B2B financial services.

The concept of social sharing is an old one, but its challenges and opportunities in the age of technology continue to stir debate in the communications community.

In our first webinar on “understanding the cycle of influence”, we will cut through the buzz and explore the impact of social sharing, implications for measurement and strategies for implementation.  A second webinar will follow in March, providing a deep-dive into measurement tools and tactics.


Tuesday, 23 February, 2016
11am EST / 4pm GMT


Our speakers include:

  • Steve Thomson, MD UK, Keller Fay, an Engagement Labs Company
  • Eli Singer, CMO, Engagement Labs
  • Vivienne Hsu, Director, Cognito
  • Katie Kinnear, Social Media Manager, Cognito


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Insights have long been a cornerstone of Cognito's approach to communications. To better support client measurement and research needs, we recently launched Cognito Insights, our new practice area dedicated to impactful analytics and actionable intelligence. Cognito Insights provides data, research, insights, measurement and competitive intelligence to c-suite executives and professionals in communications, marketing, and sales in financial services. Our best-practice methodology has been honed through years of client consultancy learnings, extensive knowledge of the top tools in the market, and our agency dedication to impactful analytics and research practices. To learn more, please email

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The eValue™ score measures the effectiveness of a brand’s overall social media performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and provides a score from 0 - 100. It’s the aggregate of the three subscores including Engagement, Impact, and Responsiveness that work together to create one top-level KPI. Our subscores are calculated by using hundreds of submetrics which are then benchmarked against a hand-picked database of 100,000 verified brand accounts on each channel.

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Engagement: Measures the level of interaction generated by your content and how well your community reacts to it.

Impact: Measures how many unique users have potentially been exposed to a piece of content posted by the channel’s admin through organic, viral and paid reach.

Responsiveness: Measures the rate, speed and quality of your responses to fans.

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