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The Big 10: Social Media’s Top BBQ Grills & Condiments

Published by Engagement Labs May 30, 2016

Welcome to Engagement Labs’ Big 10 blog series where we rank the top ten brands in various industries based on social media performance!

We’re excited for the start of summer and for Mother Nature to send beach weather our way. In honor of the warmer temperatures, we’ve dedicated our first Big 10 post to the season of BBQ.

Using eValue AnalyticsTM we’ve ranked the top ten BBQ grills and condiment brands that are leading for social media performance on Facebook and Twitter.

eValue Rankings of BBQ Grills on Facebook and Twitter

Rankings of BBQ Grills on Facebook and Twitter | Engagement Labs

Lodge Cast Iron & Char-Broil Are Hot Off the Social Media Grill

Lodge Cast Iron set a fire under their online fans with a Facebook content strategy that secured them a first-place ranking on the channel.

Posting employee appreciation posts and content centered around the work performed by their employees to demonstrate the quality of their products, Facebook fans were impressed with the brand’s sense of accountability and their dedication to their employees.

On Twitter, Char-Broil made their fans mouths water with their visual content. Posting savory and drool-worthy images of food creations that can be whipped up and grilled, they had their grill fanatics hitting the like and retweet buttons.

 eValue Rankings of Condiments on Facebook and Twitter

Rankings of condiments on Facebook and Twitter

Online Fans Load Up on Muir Glen Organic and Annie’s Homegrown

Looks like the organic food trend isn’t going anywhere, as Muir Glen Organic led on Facebook for social media performance. 

Besides their condiments crafted from organic tomatoes, what makes the brand so special on Facebook? The brand posts unique and tasty recipes incorporating their products to give fans more than a mouthful of engaging content.


The brand also gives behind-the-scenes look at their tomato farms to give audiences a look into the production of their organic ingredients, thus building trust among their fans.

Annie’s Homegrown satisfied online fan hunger on Twitter, with a focus on the various products they’re cooking up on a regular basis. Taking a visual storytelling approach by showcasing the great assortment of foods and products available, the brand stocked up on those likes and retweets.

The Final Grill

With summer ‘16 just starting, the BBQ grill and condiment industries have premium opportunities to cash in on the summer excitement. So the sooner these brands get in front of consumers via social channels, the more likely these brands will be top of mind come grilling time.

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