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VIDEO: Thinking Beyond the Playbook – How to Approach Brand Strategy When You’re Breaking New Ground

Published by Engagement Labs June 10, 2020

Credit and Source: Shareablee's INTERACT Summit EP. 2: Thinking Beyond the Playbook

As we approach the end of our third month of social distancing and the world begins to attempt its path back to ‘normalcy’, many brands are still struggling with how to do ‘normal’ in this time. Anything other than community messaging will be viewed as repulsively self-serving and subject to blow-back… or will it? While many brands are still paused in troubled categories and sponsored Influencer activity – once a linchpin of consumer engagement – is down 85% year over year, many other companies are doubling down on their content marketing strategy. What will define companies who emerge stronger from those who all but disappear amid the chaos of the news cycle? This panel discussed content best practices and brand building strategies, and how to stay agile when every conceivable playbook no longer applies.

Key Takeaways and Insights

To communicate or not to communicate? This panel discussion took on one of the most asked questions by advertiser/marketers: Should I mind the industry consensus and stay as active as possible during this time or do I adopt a wait & see approach? The emergence of two very distinct audience segments: Those who remain “fearful” of COVID and who probably won’t return to normal media & buying habits any time soon, and those who are “ready and willing” to get back to the business of shopping, eating, and buying outside - right now. These are two very different consumer targets and require two very different marketing/advertising strategies. An additional complication was the importance of the ‘local’ aspect given the uneven rules for communities across the country in their varying phases of COVID re-opening plans.


Moderated by Brad Tribucher from Shareablee. Joined with Ed Keller from Engagement Labs, Renata Policicio from ESPN, and Noah Keil from Group Nine Media.

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