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How to Use Influencers to Drive Word-of-Mouth Strategy

Published by Engagement Labs May 05, 2016

Here's the fact - influencers are constantly driving brand conversations.

When you think of individuals with the most influence, it’s easy to think of all the celebrities with large social media followings. In reality though, they can be someone much closer to home.

Influencers can be anyone such as your next door neighbor, your work colleague, a teenager or even your grandmother.

Studying the impact of influencers on word-of-mouth conversations, Engagement Labs is pleased to announce the publication of “How to use influencers to drive a word-of-mouth strategy,” which was commissioned and published by Warc as part of its Best Practices White Paper series.

Discussing everything related to influencers and word-of-mouth, the white paper covers:

  • The Definition of Influencers
  • Research Findings about Influencers
  • How to Use Influencers to Drive a WOM Strategy
  • WOM Strategy Checklist
  • Best Practice Case Studies

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