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So You Think That You’re Social? Meet the Most TotalSocial™ Brands in the U.S.

Published by Engagement Labs August 15, 2016

It’s new. It’s groundbreaking. It’s here.

Our innovative TotalSocial™ measurement tool recently launched and it’s set to change the marketing game!

In honor of our launch, we put our own tool to the test by measuring the 500+ U.S. brands in our system across 17 different industry categories to show you the power of TotalSocial and the insights it can provide your brand.

Generating TotalSocial score’s for a one-year period ending May 2016, we present to you the most TotalSocial brands in the U.S.

Top Brands in the U.S. for Social | Engagement Labs

America, These are Your Most Social Brands

The top ten TotalSocial brands in the U.S. are the brands amplifying both online and offline conversations. How exactly did we determine that?

For both online and offline conversations, all the brands were scored in four categories: Volume, Sentiment, Brand Sharing and Influence.

Let’s look at our most TotalSocial brand, ESPN, to get a better understanding of what these scores reveal about brands.

ESPN's TotalSocial Score

ESPN's TotalSocial Score | Engagement Labs

Studying the TV network’s TotalSocial score, some conclusions we can draw are:

  • ESPN’s online fans are abuzz as indicated by their impressive score for online Volume
  • The brand’s content has a high level of shareability online and especially, offline, as indicated by their soaring Brand Sharing scores
  • The brand’s higher offline Influence score indicates that the brand’s influencers are more engaged offline than online

With this data available, ESPN can easily identify areas of improvement and start applying strategies to improve their marketing performance, such as:

  • Find ways to better engage with influencers on their online channels
  • Posting more shareable content online and use “talkworthy” messaging to help spread positive word of mouth about the brand to improve their Sentiment among fans

Amazon's TotalSocial Score

Amazon's TotalSocial Score | Engagement Labs

Compare ESPN to second-place finisher Amazon and you’ll see the online retailer is experiencing entirely different conversations both online and offline:

  • Amazon has a lot of people talking offline and online, as highlighted by their surging Volume scores
  • Fans are talking positively about Amazon according to their higher offline and online Sentiment scores
  • Their online content is struggling to reach digital audiences as highlighted by their low online Brand Sharing score. Offline, they aren’t having as big of a problem, but the brand has room for improvement
  • The brand is engaging influencers online effectively, while struggling to do so in an offline context

Two different brands, two different industries, two very different pictures revealed thanks to the TotalSocial score.

Armed with TotalSocial information, marketers can identify their brand’s strengths and weaknesses, while sizing up their competition.

Wanna Be on Top of Your Industry?

Speaking of competition, for marketers looking to know where their brand stands within their own industry, TotalSocial serves up the opportunity for direct industry comparisons.

In the case of our most TotalSocial brands of the U.S., TV networks took several of the top ten spots, so it was only natural to compare the top performing ones.

ESPN’s TotalSocial Score vs. Food Network’s TotalSocial Score

ESPN's TotalSocial Score | Engagement LabsESPN & Food Network's TotalSocial Score | Engagement Labs

When looking at ESPN and Food Network side-by-side, key differences are immediately seen between the two networks:

  • People are talking much more about ESPN than Food Network, both offline and online, based on their Volume scores
  • However, viewers tend to say better things about Food Network than ESPN based on their higher Sentiment scores
  • Both networks have high shareability based on similar Brand Sharing scores, with ESPN edging out Food Network offline
  • ESPN’s influencers are much more engaged online in comparison to Food Network

Accessible insights and easy-to-make comparisons, allow brands to start directing their marketing efforts in the right direction to come out on top of their industry.   

The TotalSocial Landscape Keeps Growing

TotalSocial also allows you to further break down your score with offline and online scores. Here are the top ten brands in the U.S. for online performance and offline performance:

Top Brands for Offline and Online Performance | Engagement Labs

These rankings expose a revealing portrait, as we see that the offline and online scores drastically differ from the overall TotalSocial rankings.

With very few brands appearing in all three TotalSocial ranking charts, the need for a 360 degree view of your brand conversations emerges.

While ESPN earned the highest overall TotalSocial score, the brand places seventh overall for both offline and online performance. It’s a similar situation with Amazon, which placed second overall, but ended up in eighth place online, but nowhere in the top ten for offline.

This goes to show, while you may have one idea about the conversations happening around your brand, the truth is an entirely different picture when you study ALL conversations.

And the Winner is… Every Conversation!

In the end, you may think you have a handle on what consumers are saying about your brand, but chances are you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle.

TotalSocial data is here to help. The scores for the most TotalSocial brands in the U.S. shed a light on the stark differences between offline and online brand conversations.

Don’t let a single conversation slip through the cracks. Focus on both offline AND online conversations and become experts in your brand’s social realm!

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