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The Big Win: News UK & Keller Fay Group Sweep the Media Research Awards 2016

Published by Engagement Labs February 22, 2016

Bust out the confetti and pop some champagne bottles because we’ve got some exciting news to share...

News UK, publisher of The Times and The Sun, won big at the Media Research Awards 2016, hosted by Mediatel, with their innovative Project Footprint - a research project in conjunction with Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs Company!

Awarded for ‘driving innovation in an industry where measurement and insight are at the very heart of business planning and success’, News UK went home with the following awards:

  • Grand Prix
  • Best Custom Media Research
  • Media Owner/Trade Body of the Year

What is Project Footprint?

Shedding new light on the true real-world and online impact of digital advertising, Project Footprint is a new groundbreaking, research program by News UK. The month-long study, conducted by Keller Fay in partnership with Comscore, closely tracked the online and offline activities of 70 multi-platform subscribers to The Times in November 2014.

The study saw that people who viewed ads on The Times were more likely to discuss the brand offline compared to those who hadn’t, with uplift seen across a number of brands. Similarly, advertising exposure demonstrated a strong correlation to brand advocacy in various categories.

What are People Saying?

Considered “the best research we’ve done in years” by Paul Hayes, Commercial MD of News UK, Project Footprint was the unanimous choice by the Media Research Awards judges for the Grand Prix award.

Kristin Bayliss, the global account measurement lead at Facebook and an awards judge, praised the project’s ability to combine online and offline techniques, including word of mouth, to highlight how readers were interacting with advertising.

Give Them a Standing Ovation!

Needless to say, this a huge accomplishment for News UK and Keller Fay Group, and we here at Engagement Labs want to extend a huge thumbs up!

This just goes to show the power of focusing on both online and offline interactions and the impressive results that can be gained from such research.

Congratulations News UK and Keller Fay Group - we look forward to seeing our word of mouth research provide valuable insights to more industries.

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