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TotalSocial - Make every conversation count™

Published by Engagement Labs August 08, 2016

How would you feel if we told you there was a single tool that measures ALL consumer conversations about your brand? Don’t believe us?

Introducing TotalSocial - Make every conversation countTM - the world’s first measurement solution that integrates all consumer conversations.  

An Industry First: Measuring Online and Offline Conversation

Research shows word of mouth conversations drive 13% of consumers sales, but only one third of that comes from online activity.

If your brand is focusing only on online buzz, you’re actually missing a big piece of the puzzle - two thirds to be exact!

The TotalSocialTM measurement solution is an industry first, bringing together ALL conversations - online and offline - into a single tool that your brand can leverage to tap into the power of social influence.

Engagement Labs | Measuring volume, brand sharing, sentiment and influence.

Measuring over 500 brands in the U.S and 350 brands in the UK, categorized into 17 industries, TotalSocial is the only measurement solution that provides you with the insights on how your brand stacks up against industry competitors for online and offline conversation.

Engagement Labs | Measures online and offline conversations for 500 brands

Understand your TotalSocial score and rank it by brand, category, or custom competitive set, through a single integrated dashboard that:

  • Monitors performance
  • Predicts future growth
  • Delivers insights that drive business results

Engagement Labs | Inside TotalSocial conversation measurement tool

What Does TotalSocial Mean for Your Brand?

As the first continuous measurement system for brand performance in online and offline consumer conversations, TotalSocial allows brands to:

  • Manage critical performance factors not previously measurable
  • Gain insights that help improve marketing effectiveness
  • Drive planning, strategy, forecasting and competitive positioning

Engagement Labs | TotalSocial allows brands to drive planning and social strategy

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About TotalSocialTM

Want a better understanding of the online and offline conversations around your brand? Are you a journalist who wants to use real data to measure the brands you’re reporting on? Are you a company who wants to gain further insights into your brand's marketing strategies to develop effective campaigns to reach your audiences?

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