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Engagement Labs Awarded Patent for TotalSocial®

Published by Engagement Labs September 28, 2021

TotalSocial Is the Only Platform that Integrates Offline and Online WOM to Drive Business Performance

TotalSocial Is the Only Platform that Integrates Offline and Online WOM to Drive Business Performance

Engagement Labs is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent for TotalSocial, our data and analytics platform that uniquely measures offline and online conversation about brands and their impact on business outcomes.

Officially titled "System And Method For Measuring Social Influence Of A Brand For Improving The Brand’s Performance," our patent is based on the proprietary method by which we integrate offline and online conversational data for nearly 1000 brands in the U.S. and tie that data to business outcomes such as sales, brand health, and media amplification.


Being awarded a U.S. patent is a powerful testament to our new technology's leadership. It also illustrates the significant progress we made in intellectual property protection. This patent validates and builds upon Engagement Labs’ more than a decade-long track record of innovation and will continue to push the envelope with improvements for measuring, optimizing, and protecting data at scale, as demonstrated by our new patent.

TotalSocial empowers brands to maximize sales and improve brand health. We have demonstrated that offline WOM is fundamentally different from social media buzz, and each drives business outcomes in roughly equal proportions. Thus, only through the integration of both can brands fully capitalize on the power of consumer advocacy. One without the other is at best only taking advantage of half the potential impact, and at worse the two can be working in opposition to each other and thus impede growth.

This patent confirms the uniqueness Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial core technology and our customers can further feel confident of our solutions, but its practical value is something that marketers and insights leaders have been confirming since 2008. TotalSocial enables marketers to detect variations in brand performance, diagnose the underlying factors for these changes and predict movements in their brand equity metrics months in advance – taking advantage of the predictive power of consumer conversations on long term brand equity. This is a capability that quantifies the relationship of conversations, both offline and online, with long-term business results and provides strategic guidance on how to drive performance improvement.

TotalSocial’s proprietary data is vital to senior marketing, analytics, insights, media, social centers of excellence and innovation teams across industries. TotalSocial is used by Fortune 500 companies and brands across virtually all consumer-facing verticals: CPG, technology, telecom, media and entertainment, travel, shopping, auto, finance and other verticals.

To learn more about TotalSocial’s unique data, insights and how it can help you evaluate the full value of consumer conversations on your brand and marketing ROI, please complete the briefing form.

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