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Looking for Real Influence: Forget Celebrity Influencers, Focus on Real People

Published by Engagement Labs August 19, 2021

New Social Network Science Research Says it Time to Shift Our Thinking About Influence

Top 10 UK Brands Online: Sports, Technology, Media Dominate British Online Consumer Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs March 03, 2021

B&M Joins the Top 10 As Well

A newly released ranking of UK brand performance on social media declares Twitter, the social networking service, as #1,[…]

A New Year’s Resolution for Better and More Authentic Influencer Marketing

Published by Ed Keller January 02, 2020

Just before Christmas, marketing guru Seth Godin took aim at the “scam” of influencer marketing via Instagram and other social media platforms in a[…]

How Victoria’s Secret Lost Consumer Influencers

Published by Engagement Labs May 16, 2019

Victoria’s Secret this month announced the end of its annual televised fashion show that has run for nearly two decades, accepting a negative public[…]

HBR Cites Engagement Labs saying: “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear” in Social Media

Published by Engagement Labs October 31, 2018

HBR Summarizes Growing Evidence that Marketers Should Pay Attention to Offline as well as Online Consumer Conversations

The Harvard Business Review has[…]

It’s Not Enough for Your Marketing to Be Noticed, Consumers Have to Talk About It Too

Published by Engagement Labs July 10, 2018

“Marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice,” Seth Godin once rightly observed. We agree – to a point. In our view, it’s much more[…]

UK Influencers: Younger Have Social Reach, but Wise Heads Carry Weight in Some Categories

Published by Steve Thomson September 15, 2017

Our recent post on the profile of (offline) influencers in the US noted the increasing importance of male Millennials, often in categories long[…]

3 Tips for Driving More Sales with Influencer Marketing

Published by Engagement Labs August 03, 2017

Have we gotten to the point where “influencer marketing” has become interchangeable with “social media marketing?” The emerging myth marketers now seem[…]