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Score a Goal by Leveraging Soccer Fans for Marketing and Brand Engagement

Published by Engagement Labs October 20, 2022

Cited and published on November 18, 2022 in MarketingCharts "World Cup 2022: A Few Stats to Know"

The fall is ripe with marketing opportunities: holiday[…]

Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers

Published by Engagement Labs August 23, 2022

Data Reveals Technology, Auto, Beauty & Personal Care, and Beverages are Most Improved in Consumer Conversations the Past Year

The TotalSocial “Movers and[…]

6 Ways Consumer Buzz Impacts Revenue and Brand Performance

Published by Engagement Labs June 08, 2022

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is,” Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit once famously said.

Streaming or Cable? Who’s Dominating the Media & Entertainment TotalSocial Rankings for Q3 2021

Published by Engagement Labs October 19, 2021

Discovery Network Leads Offline and YouTube Leads Online RankingNetflix, HGTV, Spotify, Hulu and ESPN Hold Top Ranks for Both Online and Offline

Over the[…]

Engagement Labs Awarded Patent for TotalSocial®

Published by Engagement Labs September 28, 2021

TotalSocial Is the Only Platform that Integrates Offline and Online WOM to Drive Business Performance

Engagement Labs is proud to announce that the United[…]

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: Consumer Buzz Trends as Holiday 2021 Fast Approaches

Published by Engagement Labs August 27, 2021

Consumer conversation trends reveal who has the most WOM traction and who needs to take quick corrective action

For much of the country late August means[…]

Looking for Real Influence: Forget Celebrity Influencers, Focus on Real People

Published by Engagement Labs August 19, 2021

New Social Network Science Research Says it Time to Shift Our Thinking About Influence

Packaging Innovation Is a Great Consumer Buzz Generator – Just Ask Andy England

Published by Engagement Labs July 29, 2021

“The marketer who steered Coors Light’s ‘cold’ ad messaging for years is now taking the same approach to vodka,” according to AdAge and other recent trade[…]

Study: Podcast Audience is a WOM Powerhouse

Published by Engagement Labs July 01, 2021

“Even before COVID-19, the podcast industry was seeing rapid growth, with monthly listeners reaching 645mn globally in 2019 and advertising revenues[…]

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