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New Engagement Labs Data Ranks Top Brands Across Categories, with Travel Leading WOM Growth as US Looks Forward to a Post-Pandemic Future

Published by Engagement Labs May 14, 2021

Expedia Tops Travel Category; Auto, Telecom and Financial Sector Also Enjoy Rising WOM, Led by Toyota, Comcast, and Robinhood Respectively

Top 10 UK Brands Online: Sports, Technology, Media Dominate British Online Consumer Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs March 03, 2021

B&M Joins the Top 10 As Well

A newly released ranking of UK brand performance on social media declares Twitter, the social networking service, as #1,[…]

Word of Mouth Remains a Juggernaut: A 15-year WOM Measurement Journey

Published by Engagement Labs January 13, 2021
  • Offline WOM Impressions Now Stands at 14 billion per week, an Increase of 6%

  • WOM Sentiment is More Positive, an Increase of 13%

We recently marked[…]

Q&A With Four Industry Leaders Who Helped Us Pioneer Word of Mouth Measurement: Looking Back... and Ahead

Published by Engagement Labs December 16, 2020

It’s our 15th Anniversary. Making it 15 years as a business is a pretty good excuse to celebrate and recognize a few of our advocates who are innovators[…]

On Eve of the Holiday Shopping Season, Consumers are Buzzing About Retail

Published by Engagement Labs November 25, 2020

Word of mouth about retail and apparel is on the rise as the nation heads into the all-important holiday shopping season – Americans are engaging in 4%[…]

How Does Politics Affect Your Brand and Sales? Should You Take a Stance?

Published by Engagement Labs November 05, 2020

Consumer Conversations Provide Guidance to the Post-2020 Landscape

Presidential Election Word of Mouth Engagement Is High Again, and Less Negative than in 2016

Published by Engagement Labs October 30, 2020

● Biden Holds 20-Point Word of Mouth Sentiment AdvantageRepublicans More Activist than Democrats, Especially on Social Media

Just before James Comey’s[…]

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